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600 mi, Pink Blankets, and Change

So...... it's been a while.
A lot has happened. 
I moved 600 miles away from my hometown. 600 miles now lie between my family and me. The house I've lived in all my life, the church I've gone to ever since I was old enough to remember, the school where I started kindergarten and graduated high school: my life up to this point lived 600 miles away. 
It is such a strange feeling: knowing you are right where God wants you, yet not knowing so many things. How do I do this? Can I really finish every assignment and get enough sleep? What even are people skills? Were those 7:30 classes a good idea? How much coffee is too much coffee (asking for a "friend")? 
 My whole way of life has shifted. I went from not having any sisters to living in a dorm with forty other girls. Used to the same classes would happen every day; now they're split up. Home cooking was a thing; now cafeteria food is my jam. I have responsibility for my room, my car, my life t…

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